U is for Unusual

I have already talked about some of the odder items found in our archive, so in this post I am just going to share some Unusual Archives news stories:

  • In 2011 a reader at the UK National Archives got more than he bargained for when the file he ordered contained packets of heroin along with a document sent from the British Consulate in Cairo in 1928.
  • The National Archives of Australia are baffled as to why their collections include a letter flown out of Paris by balloon while the city was besieged by the Prussians in 1870.
  • A miniature and rather chewed archive of miscellaneous small slips of paper was found in birds’ nests in the roof of a Russian cathedral near Moscow.

And two unusual documents which were not found in archives, but are likely to end up in them:


3 thoughts on “U is for Unusual”

  1. How intriguing! Imagine the researchers’ surprise at the heroin. I was especially fascinated by the letter ballooned out of Paris…a whole new aspect of history to me, and very curious how it came to be in Australia.


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