A to Z Challenge for April


I haven’t managed to write anything here for a few weeks as a lot of “life” stuff has been going on, but from now things should be much easier, and thanks to reduced working hours I will have more time for fun stuff like writing. I know from experience that spare time soon fills up, but I am hopeful!

I came across the A to Z Challenge on a friend’s blog yesterday and thought it would be a nice way to get into the swing of writing regularly. The aim is to write a blog post everyday during April, starting with an A themed post and working through to Z. As this makes 26 posts rather than 30 the bloggers get to take Sundays off. The posts can be given an overall theme or not, as the writer chooses. I need focus, so have decided to go with Archives as a theme. As an archivist I love to share what I do, and while it may not be a directly historical topic, archives are essential to historical research and I am sure some history will sneak in there!


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